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FSO Tax Preparation Inc. only provide tax services to members of The Finest Federal Credit Union. We understand that you have a busy schedule and so we have provided a link where you can securly send us your tax documents for preparing. Upon receiving your documents one of our trained preparers will contact you at your convenience to go over the documents and discuss expenses and answer whatever questions you may have.

The completed return will be returned to you via the secure portal on this website and after you have verified information and electronically signed the return we will e-file the return on your behalf.

The return will be completed and returned to you with in 48 hrs of our first contact provideing you have all your information at hand.


Information you require to complete your tax return


A copy of your most recent Tax return in pdf format


Income details.

W2s from all employments including spouse (Please also provide details of any line of duty income)

1099s detailing any interest or dividends you or your spouse received.

Details of any sales of stocks/shares and cost basis for both you and your spouse.

Provide income and expenditure details if you or your spouse run a small business or have rental properties.

1099Rs if you or your spouse took any distributions from a retirement plan including any rollovers.

1099SSA if you or your spouse are in receipt of Social Security.

If you or your spouse had any gambling income including the Lottery, please provide details.

Details of any other income that you or spouse received including unemployment compensation, alimony, jury duty or any misc income.

Adjustments to Income
Any contributions made to IRA's
Any student loan interest.
Any Tuition and Fees paid to third level colleges
Any childcare fees

Any medical expenses.
Real Estate tax paid in 2015
Any outstanding State Income Taxes paid in 2015
Mortgage Interest
Any Charitable donations
Any work related expenses
Any gambling losses

Information Request for Services Listed Above